PalaRiccione offers the possibility to modulate and customize spaces according to the needs of each event. 

Five to ten conference rooms, arranged on several levels, dedicated to the most representative women of the Malatesta Seignory (Concordia Malatesta, Polissena Sforza, Ginevra d’Este, Violante da Montefeltro, Costanza Malatesta).

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Level 0


Shopping area and multiplex movie theater with separate entrance.

Level 1

Entrance and Congressional Foyer

Registration desk, fully equipped secretarial office, checkroom with automatic cycle for 1400 garments, pop-up bar and relaxation area.

Level 3

Concordia Hall

The Plenary that revolutionizes the concept of space optimization.

Thanks to Hide System, the hideaway armchair system by Poltrona Frau, the Concordia hall is transformed from a furnished auditorium to a multifunctional empty space of up to 1,800 square meters, in the name of total flexibility and customization of space.

Area m2 Capacity
Foyer Concordia 727 m2
Concordia 1117 m2 1393 pax
– Concordia A 694 m2 750 pax
– Concordia B 594 m2 590 pax
– Concordia C 470 m2 436 pax

Level 4

Polissena Halls

Modular with retractable soundproof walls and elegant with Poltrona Frau’s Movie chairs, for training events and conventions.

Area m2 Capacity
Foyer 250 m2
Polissena 580 m2 608 pax
– Polissena A 383 m2 384 pax
– Polissena B 198 m2 176 pax

Level 4

Ginevra, Violante, Costanza Halls

Breakout rooms with soundproofed retractable walls.

Area m2 Capacity
Foyer 250 m2
Ginevra – Violante – Costanza 93 m2 85 pax
– Ginevra A/B – Violante A/B – Costanza A/B 46 m2 40 pax

Level 5

Riccione City Eye

Catering space for conference activity. An exclusive location also for unique parties and events between sea and sky.

Area m2 Capacity
Riccione City Eye Indoor 585 m2 500 pax seated
700 pax standing
Outdoor 250 m2

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